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No, my understanding is you have to have signed up on the site to have  
a trust request sent "on your behalf", but you may not be aware that  
your actions are resulting in emails being sent to your friends.  They  
also request you upload your contact lists from various email systems,  
so this may complicate things on what you know is happening "on your  

Yes, Nancy is one of the people I look to in this domain -- SNS.  If  
something does not pass her "sniff test" then I become doubtful.


On Dec 19, 2007, at 11:14 AM, Jon Lebkowsky wrote:

> I'm wondering about the spamming of trust requests that you mention:  
> are you
> saying they're generating trust requests from persons who have not  
> actually
> become members of the site? Is this confirmed - or a suspicion? I  
> could
> probably live with the Facebook "mad libs" fumble as an error showing
> questionable judgement, but sending a trust request in your name  
> without
> your authorization is both deceitful and self-destructive.
> Thanks for the clear and complete response.  I talked to Nancy White  
> about
> Spock last night, and she noted that, once you've been spidered into  
> their
> system, they send you notices whether you've signed up or not.   
> That, too,
> is pretty clueless.
> ~ Jon

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