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Dear socnetters,


I am working on an intra-organisational study about networks in merged
non-profit-organisations and try to estimate a three-level model to explain
the connections of each person in the network to the other members of the
network. The first level will be each single connection between the members,
the second level will be made up of the attributes of the members and the
third level will be discribed by the characteristics of the organisation
itself (the dataset include the networks of up to 12 organisations).


My simple question is, if there are exist special experiences in multilevel
analysis with network data? Are there important differences to the
conventional multilevel analysis? I would be gratful for every good advice
and reference.



Best regards


Andreas Techen





Andreas Techen

Institute of  Social Sciences - Sociology

Christian-Albrechts-Universitšt Kiel, Germany

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