Hey all, I headed over to the Volusia County Landfills this afternoon, to
see if I  could find one of the Franklin's Gulls reported several days ago
by Dexter and Alex.  After an hour of sorting out thousand's of Laughing
Gull's, I located one 1st. winter Franklin's Gull.  It was a real pain to
see as it insisted in all ways standing in the middle of several Laughing
Gulls, making it completely disappear at times.  However my patience paid
off as a large dump truck drove by the flock and everyone shuffled, giving
me good looks of the Franklin's. Lots of Herrings, Laughing and Ring-bill
and I scoped out a couple of L. Black-back 1st years, and one Royal Tern (he
seemed out of place being the only tern in the group).  

The landfill is birder friendly, but they have strict rules about where to
bird: which is mainly no birding where there is trash dumping, stay out of
the way of the trucks (who will give a honk here and there just to remind
you they are there), stay off the road and only follow the paved area. All
these rules are posted at the sign in on the left after you enter. 

Directions: From I-4 East, take exit 129 (US-92 E, toward Daytona Beach) to
W. International Speedway Blvd (US-92). After 3.16 miles, turn right on
Tomoka Farms Rd (CR- 415). Landfill 3-4 miles down road. (DeLORME p.75) Sign
in and out at office on left as you drive in. 

Have a good one,

Christian Newton


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