After examining the eider that was brought in to the Marine Science Center, I decided I better head to the jetty to look for more eiders.  I spent about 45 minutes scanning the ocean and inlet but could only find lots of Gannets and the usual suspects.

I was about to head back to work when an adult female Long-tailed Duck flew in from the north crossing the north jetty, giving me excellent looks at the face pattern detail. The bird started across the Inlet and then made two wide arcs around the Inlet. It kept getting closer to the water and came in close to the North Jetty again. Then it banked back out toward the ocean. It headed due east, getting lower and lower and finally landed on the ocean in the large rollers beyond the mouth of the Inlet. I lost track of it in the waves.

I had to go back to work, but I will go out again later this afternoon to try to relocate the bird.


Michael Brothers
Marine Science Center
Ponce Inlet

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