Just a note of clarification on the location of the Long-tailed Duck. On the FLARBA notice it mentions that the bird was located behind Aunt Catfish's Restaurant.  The bird was found on the north side of Dunlawton Avenue, not on the Aunt Catfish side. 

The street is Halifax Drive. It runs along the river for a few blocks north of Dunlawton Avenue. The bird was found just north
of the Dunlawton Causeway on Halifax Drive very near the road. This is 1 block east of US 1 in Port Orange, Volusia County.

Thanks so much to Bob Wallace for the earlier post and for getting photos of the bird!  There is nothing more disheartening than finding a great bird without photo documentation or someone else to see it.  I assume that this is could be the same bird I found at lunch time at the Inlet.  The Inlet is about 6 miles south of this location. Bob and I had looked in vain at the Inlet during the late afternoon.  I was heading back home, when I saw an odd bird floating north of the causeway.  I pulled over and there was the bird. Hard to believe it appeared again 6 miles away. (Unless there are two birds.)


Michael Brothers
Marine Science Center
Ponce Inlet

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