Hold your socks!
Bob and I have just finished photographing a Long-eared Owl picked up in a ditch on Garçon Point, Santa Rosa County, FL. The bird is alive, very skinny (200g), but ate a mouse this morning. It was picked up Nov. 30 (Friday) and taken to a rehab clinic. The bird is not in a place where it can have visitors. So no visitors are allowed; no exceptions. Nor does the rehabber want umpteen dozen phone calls about this "patient." We will keep you informed as to when and where it will be released as soon as we are notified. 

I read to the rehabber the Florida status of the Long-eared Owl from both Woolfenden and Robertson, and Stevenson and Anderson. Because of its rarity, Audubon will be involved in the release when it happens, and we will have adequate notice which Bob and I will pass along to these listservs.

I will get photographs onto the net as soon as possible.

Lucy Duncan 

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