Found Sedge Wrens today on N. Beach Street along the
stretch of road just north of the bridge by Tomoka
State Park, on south side of road.  Same place as last

Unable to find Long-tailed Duck on Sunday but rescued
a young Ring-billed Gull with a hook deep in its
stomach.  The 16 inch line was hanging out of its bill
with a bobbin on the end.  Took to bird hospital but
hold little hope it would not be euthanized.  Also
ended up rescuing a juvenile Ruddy Turnstone who
managed to get itself isolated on the cement median by
Aunt Catfish's.  It was there about 4 hours before I
finally got to it and gave it some help past whizzing
cars to it could fly to the rocks below.  Fair
trade-off for Long-tail disappointment.

M Wilson

Meret S Wilson
Ormond Beach, FL
TBBS, Tomoka State Park

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