After 3 trips in past 2 weeks looking for the bird, I found the male vermillion flycatcher on my third ambulation today.  Beautiful bird, flying between an oak tree and the palms surrounding.  I saw him sheltered from the wind low in a palm, and perched on a shrub next to an Eastern phoebe--both birds dipping and twirling their tails.

Tips on finding the bird:
1. Go at noon or thereabouts.  The only times I have seen mentioned for finding the bird have been around noon.  He may be a late riser.
2.  Stoney Bayou 2--all the way down to the end of the pond--near the smaller of the two oaks on the dike.  I think he also flies to the larger oaks South and East of the dike.

Why is he there on the windswept, relatively treeless dike, instead of further inland where there are more flying insects, and out of the wind?  Maybe because the scarcity of trees on that dike remind him of Southwest Texas where he came from.

Also seen--Sedge Wren, 3-4 feet away from me, and seen twice, on the return from Vermillion dike.

Bill Phelan, Tallahassee

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