September 12, 2008




************ INFORMATION ONLY. DO NOT REPLY *********


TO:      Graduate Students

cc:        Graduate Administrative Staff, Graduate Coordinators


FROM: Graduate School


RE:   If you are graduating in Fall 2008


If you are intending to graduate in the Fall 2008 term, please begin now to contact your committee members and schedule your thesis/dissertation defense or nonthesis final examination. Students who are unable to meet submission deadlines should expect to graduate in the Spring 2009 term.


REMINDER: Submit your degree application via ISIS ( by the Friday, September 19, 2008, deadline. 


FINAL TERM PROCEDURES are detailed online at


Deadlines are posted in the Graduate Catalog online at and Graduate Student Handbook.


Please review this information carefully and comply with the posted deadlines.


Thank you.




Graduate School

University of Florida

Box 115500

Gainesville, FL  32611