Sustainable Energy Education and Training (SEET) Workshop 


The Advanced Technology Environmental Education Center (ATEEC, at announces that applications are now open for the 2008
SEET Workshop, July 7 - 18, 2008, offered by the National Renewable
Energy Lab (NREL) on location at the Lab in Golden, CO.  

The SEET Workshop is funded by a grant  from the National Science
Foundation (DUE#0602633) and is developed through a partnership among
ATEEC, NREL, the University of Northern Iowa (UNI), Eastern Iowa
Community College District, and the Partnership for Environmental
Technology Education (PETE). High school and two-year college science,
math, and technology instructors from across the U.S. are invited to
apply. Twenty-five (25) instructors will be selected to attend, with the
following expenses covered: travel, lodging, meals, study materials, and
optional tuition (for graduate credit through the Colorado School of
Mines). Additional details and the workshop application are available on
the ATEEC Web site at
<> . 

The primary goal of the SEET workshop project is to build the capacity
of energy and environmental technicians to meet the challenges of
sustainable energy in the 21st century workplace through two ten-day
intensive annual workshops at NREL for technology instructors at upper
level high school and community college levels in the content areas of
energy efficiency and energy conservation. Content experts will share
knowledge about research advances in energy technology, requirements for
technicians, and implications for a sustainable energy future.
Instructors who participate in the workshops will be connected and
supported by an active online network and workshop follow-up support.
Sustainable energy knowledge will be further extended to additional
technology instructors through events coordinated by workshop
participants in their home communities.

The 2008 workshop will focus on energy efficiency technologies and
renewable energy. The workshop will provide hands-on, inquiry-based lab
experiences; take-home equipment and training; and site visits and field
work assisted by professional partners of the hosting institution. The
workshop participants will team to identify teaching and learning
strategies and materials to share with high school and two-year college
educators in an online energy resources clearinghouse.

Send your application and two letters of reference by January 18, 2008
as directed on the application. (Please note that late or incomplete
applications may not receive full consideration.) Questions not answered
on the ATEEC Web site (
<> ) or the application may be
directed to Melonee Docherty at [log in to unmask]

Anna Prizzia-Taylor
Outreach Coordinator, Office of Sustainability
University of Florida
(352) 392-7578 <>