FISE Sustainable Energy Seminars

Towards Sustainability

Dr. Juan C. Nino 
University of Florida 
Dept. of Materials Science & Engineering 
Gainesville, FL32611-6400 
P.O. Box 116400

January 10, 2007 from 2-3 pm in the Reitz Union Auditorium

As a continuation of last year's presentation "Technology, Energy, and
Society: Is sustainability just the new buzzword?" In this second part,
the focus will be on the current understanding of the impact of human
activity on the global environment. The presentation will be based on
The Climate Project and the recent (November 2007) report by the
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Shifting from the policy and
research opportunities towards sustainability presented last time, this
time, the talk will end with a list of local and simple everyday steps
that can be done today to achieve sustainability.

Anna Prizzia-Taylor
Outreach Coordinator, Office of Sustainability
University of Florida
(352) 392-7578 <>