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if you're coming to sunbelt 28, in st. pete beach, the nearest 
airport is tampa (TPA). there are two shuttle services that provide 
transport from the airport to the hotel. if you're on your own, the 
one-way cost is $24 in a shared van (see super-shuttle, below). for 
direct, non-stop service, you'll need to hire a car. the cost is $65 
for either of the services below. however, people can share a car and 
split the $65 cost. for details, see below and call the services to 
reserve a ride.

Studio Limo
<mailto:[log in to unmask]>[log in to unmask]

This is the hotel's on-site transportation service. The cost is $65 
for a car, one way. The car can accommodate up to four people and the 
the cost is the same for one person or up to four people.

For five people, they offer a minivan, for a charge of $75.

For 6-10 people, they have a big van, for $120.

For any of these services, call them at the number above.

Super Shuttle
(800) 258 3826

This is a national chain that operates at many airports around the 
country. They charge $24.00 per person, each way in a shared van. The 
trip from the airport to the hotel takes from 30-45 minutes, 
depending on traffic. However, in a shared van, it can take a lot 
longer because they pick people up at different places around the 
airport and drop them off at different hotels.

Super Shuttle also offers individual cars, which means no stops. The 
car costs $65 for up to three people (with one suitcase each).

Super Shuttle also offers private vans that can take up to 10 people. 
The total cost is $132.

For any of these services, call them at the number above.

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