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In case you missed it, Wired magazine's Dec 07 issue has an interesting
piece on social networks and computer networks as used by US troops in

Paul Shachtman, "What Went Wrong," pp. 24ff.

Pithiest quote is in the ToC (p. 17): "Net-centric warfare was supposed to
win in Iraq. But the most critical networks turned out to be social."

Although it retains an "us" (US) vs them mindset, it does point out that
anti-US forces have been better in using social networks and informal
communications (mobile phones, videos) than Americans.

Also claims US now winning the battle. Makes me think back to the old days
when the US "won" every Vietnam battle until just before they evacuated.
See A.J. Langguth's book, _Our Vietnam_ for that story.

And may all your 2008 be happy, including the folks in Iraq, those living
there and those dropping in for a month, year or two.

 Barry Wellman

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