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Hello Everyone,


We are currently re-building the INSNA website; the existing website will
remain until it is ready.  When the new site is ready each registered member
will have the ability to post their materials, pictures, and related
content.  This allows each individual to manage their own data keeping the
website fresh and accurate over time.

I ask that everyone hold on to materials until the announcement is made
regarding the new site, registration transfers and related.  We are
estimating a 2 to 4 month delivery on the completed product (subject to many
contingencies and decisions in progress).


Please direct any questions, concerns, comments or related regarding the
website to me and I will attempt to address them as quickly as possible.
You can contact me via e-mail at [log in to unmask] or
[log in to unmask]  I ask that you put "INSNA" as the
first word in the message subject to prevent spam filtering.


Please note that I do not have permission to modify the existing website and
cannot field any questions of that type.  Please direct those questions to
George Barnett ([log in to unmask]).




Benjamin Elbirt

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