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Yes, it was great conference, disregarding the hotel's complete lack  
of ownership of the WiFi connectivity problem.  Great people, great  
weather, well organized, great conversations!  Thanks to all of the  

I took the coauthor data provided by the organizers [Thanks to Chris  
McCarty!] and made a little web app from it.  It connects the coauthor  
network to Google Scholar -- double-click on a node and up pops the  
Google Scholar page(s) for that researcher/scholar.

It is an interactive Java applet -- click on the Help button in the  
applet window to bring up the instructions for how to navigate.

Take a look at...



On Jan 31, 2008, at 10:50 AM, Barry Wellman wrote:

> a labeled version of the T-shirt design (a network diagram of  
> connections between the authors
> presenting papers) on the 1-gigabyte flash memory sticks distributed
> to every participant.

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