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Call for papers for a special issue of Social Networks:
“Dynamics of Social Networks”

Dynamics of Social Networks is the subfield of Social Network Analysis 
concerned with studying the collection of ties in a social network 
longitudinally as dependent variables. This subfield was treated 
earlier, e.g., in the special issues of Journal of Mathematical 
Sociology devoted to Social Network Evolution in 1996 and 2003. Thanks 
to new data collections and new methods for analysis, the attention 
given to Dynamics of Social Networks has increased a lot recently. It 
now is possible to model jointly the effects of mechanisms such as 
homophily, reciprocity, transitivity/balance, and centrality, on the 
probabilities of tie formation and dissolution. One of the topics of 
special interest is the co-evolution of networks and actor 
characteristics, in which the network is considered simultaneously as a 
dependent variable and as a variable that predicts relevant changing 
actor characteristics (behavioral tendencies, attitudes, disease, 
performance, etc.). This co-evolution can represent the crucial role 
played by social networks as structures connecting the micro and macro 
levels of social analysis.

The editors of Social Networks invite contributions for a special issue 
on Dynamics of Social Networks. This issue will focus on explaining and 
modeling the dynamics of social networks, aiming at the testing of 
social science theories and the use of high-quality data sets of 
socially relevant networks. Substantive as well as methodological papers 
are invited, and papers integrating social science theory and empirical 
work are especially welcome.

Important dates (all in 2008):
March 15. Deadline for submission of abstracts (from ˝ to 1 page) by 
sending them to <[log in to unmask]>.
April 1. Authors of abstracts will be informed about the suitability of 
their abstract for the special issue at this date or earlier.
June 1. Deadline for submission of papers in the usual way to Social 
Networks, mentioning in the cover message that the paper is intended for 
this special issue.
September 1. It will be attempted to return reviews to authors before 
this date.
November 1. Deadline for submitting revised versions.

Tom A.B. Snijders
Co-editor, Social Networks

Professor of Statistics in the Social Sciences
University of Oxford

Professor of Statistics and Methodology
Department of Sociology
University of Groningen

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