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Dear INSNA-ers,

The National Science Foundation is preparing to handle the review of
preliminary proposals submitted in response to the Cyber-enabled
Discovery and Innovation (CDI) solicitation.  Information about this
solicitation is available at:

NSF would like to encourage science and engineering community members to
volunteer to assist NSF in the CDI review process.  The 2008 competition
of CDI is considering two types of proposals: type I and type II.  Since
these two types follow parallel but independent competitions, the
principal investigators (PIs) who have submitted a proposal to one type
can serve as panelists/reviewers for proposals of the other type.  In
another words, a PI is disqualified from serving as a reviewer/panelist
only if he/she has submitted two pre-proposals, one of each type.  


Assuming you are eligible to serve as a reviewer or panelist, we would
like to ask you to volunteer for this important task.  A reviewer
biographical form is now available for the external research community
to register for the CDI panels.  You can register by clicking onto the
following link:

We hope that you will join us in the CDI peer review process.

Thank you, 

Diana Rhoten 
Diana Rhoten, PhD
Program Director
Office of Cyberinfrastructure
National Science Foundation
4201 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 1145
Arlington, VA 22230
vox: +1.703.292.8276
fax:  +1.703.292.9060

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