Hey all just wanted to report that I was able to re-locate the adult female
Nashville warbler this morning around 9:30AM at Meads Garden, Orlando.  Best
way to get to the location, when you park at Meads, walk to the left of the
main building, walk down to the creek and follow the path way to the left.
This will eventually open up and you will see a path to the right and a
boardwalk straight ahead and another path to the left.  The Nashville seems
to like the brushy area around the beginning of the boardwalk.  I found her
about 20 feet up the board walk feeding in the low brush.  She was quick but
gave great views in the sun.  She seemed to be loosely associating with a
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher and an Orange-crowned Warbler.  There was male Summer
Tanager hanging out in the same area as well.

Have a good one,

Chris Newton


Directions: From I-4- exit Princeton head east, when road ends at Mills turn
left, then turn right onto Garden St., follow to end, Meads garden will be
right there.

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