Dave Goodwin's post from Monday reminds me that I should report my highlights from Lake Weir in Marion county.

Using my trusty DeLorme, I stopped at multiple spots on all sides of the lake.

I was most impressed by a compressed flock containing 200-250 Horned Grebes.  I stopped counting around 160, and there were lots more.
In this same flock were about 150 gulls, all of them Bonaparte's.  

Also present were about 6 Red-breasted Mergansers, Scaup (too far out for me to ID), Ring-necked Ducks, and about a dozen Common Loons here and there.  

On the far lakeshore I saw a group of about 7 Canada Geese (feral?) and 3 Mallards, feral.  

I thought about, but didn't see, Red-throated Loons, reported on the CBC.

Dotty Robbins
High Springs

Bonaparte's Gulls on Lake Thonotosassa, Hillsborough Co. 
Mon, Jan 21, 2008   
Erik Haney & I had 150+ Bonaparte's Gulls from the south shore of Lake Thonotosassa in eastern Hillsborough County Monday afternoon, 1/21/08. This is the largest flock of Boaparte's I have ever seen in Hillsborough County. 


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