About 30 volunteers endured rather chilly, windy weather at Weekiwachee Preserve yesterday, Jan 26th, for the first sparrow drive on this property owned by Southwest Florida Water Management District. Clay Black and Mary Barnwell of SWFWMD were our hosts for the event.

Thanks to Bill Pranty for posting photos of Henslow's and LeConte's sparrows captured during the sparrow drive!

We captured a total of 20 birds during the morning:

2 Henslow's Sparrow
2 LeConte's Sparrow
2 Grasshopper Sparrow
7 Swamp Sparrow
4 Savannah Sparrow
2 Sedge Wren
1 Western Palm Warbler

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED  in attending a second sparrow drive to be held at WWP during February, please contact me immediately.  Possible dates are February 9th or February 23rd. I will announce the selected date shortly.  It's likely we will do this second sparrow drive at a different site, possibly a drier site, in order to capture other species that may overwinter in the Preserve.

Marianne Korosy
UCF at Kissimmee Prairie Preserve
(eventually returning to Pinellas County post-graduation)

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