When this has come up before, there's been a real pattern wherein writing assessment was much more effective done by "hand" (teachers reading things)  than a computer. 

Susan Jones
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>>> Alan Craig <[log in to unmask]> 1/26/2008 1:12 PM >>>
At Georgia Perimeter College (a two-year unit of the University System of
Georgia), we use the COMPASS placement test along with SAT or ACT scores to
place students in reading, writing, and math. For more information, go to  


Alan Craig

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Subject: Placement Testing into Dev Reading and Writing Courses

Dear List Serv Members,
i could really use your feedback on placing students in developmental
reading and writing courses..
We have been using the SAT scores and high school GPAs to place students
into Dev Reading and Writing courses.  In addition, we give the students the
Accuplacer test, and if they receive a certain score, they do not have to
take the developmental courses.  
How is your school placing students in Dev courses?
  Are you giving a placement test or are you relying on the SAT as a
placement measure?  
Do you use the SAT writing portion? 
 Are there any online reading and writing placement tests that accurately
place students?
Placing students in the correct courses is a delicate balance.  I would
gretly appreciate your weighing in on the subject of placement.
Esther B. Rosenstock
Director of Developmental Education
Assistant Professor of English
Villa Julie College
1525 Greenspring Valley Road
Stevenson, Maryland 21153

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