Date:    February 21, 2008

To:      Department Chairs, Graduate Coordinators and Graduate Staff

From:    Dr. Henry Frierson
         Associate Vice President and Dean
         UF Graduate School

RE:      Websites and Inactive Degree Programs

We have noted that information on departmental websites related to graduate
students and applicants to graduate programs may need to be updated.
Please review all relevant information pertaining to your graduate programs
with an eye to currency, accuracy and relevance to avoid unnecessary
confusion. For instance, some departments may inadvertently advertise degree
programs for which no students are admitted but might receive applicants
because clarifying information was not available. Please review any unused
degree programs in your department. If they are not likely to be relevant in
the near future, please request that they be removed from the inventory. The
use of the approval/tracking system ( will simplify the
process for you and university personnel. Thank you.