February 5, 2008

TO:	College deans, associate deans, department chairs/directors
	Graduate coordinators, graduate staff, graduate faculty

FROM:	Henry T. Frierson
	Associate Vice President and Dean

RE:	Changes to Academic Spoken English/Academic Written English

As you are all aware, the university is facing severe budget cuts and is
forced to consider reducing services in some targeted areas. For years,
we have provided tuition waivers and personnel salaries to support
international students who need assistance in speaking, comprehending,
and writing English. We greatly value international students, but are
forced to make some hard decisions about services that the university
provides to support approximately 10% of our international students. 

Following an evaluation by the provost's office, these changes to the
ASE/AWE programs will be implemented beginning in Fall 2008:

1.  Beginning in Fall 2008, tuition waivers will be eliminated for all
EAP courses except EAP5836 and EAP5845, the two required courses.

2.  Beginning in Fall 2008, students will be charged for the AWE exam.
Students will continue to be charged for the SPEAK test.

3.  During academic year 2008-09, all EAP courses except EAP5836 and
EAP5845 will be phased out.

4.	Beginning Fall 2009, no tuition waivers will be provided by the
university for students enrolled in EAP5836 and EAP5845.

5. Students may choose to include EAP credits in their semester
registration in one of two ways. 

A. They may take the EAP credits in addition to the typical 9 credit
hour registration. In this case, the tuition waiver covers 9 credits and
the remainder is paid by the student. No petition is needed.

B. If an additional credit registration is not academically feasible,
the department must petition the graduate school for a reduced
registration to be covered by the tuition waiver.  The student will be
responsible for paying the cost of the EAP credits. As an example: the
student is registered for 9 credits: 6 discipline credits, 3 EAP
credits. The department petitions the graduate school for the tuition
waiver to cover only the 6 discipline credits.

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