Dear colleagues:

We are writing to bring your attention to session H27: Water Quality in
Wetlands and Coastal Zones at the forthcoming American Geophysical
Union (AGU) - Joint Assembly, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 27-30 May, 2008.

Additional information on that session is at the bottom of this e-mail 
and you can also access it at the following webpage: 

Please note that the deadline for receipt of abstracts is 5 March 2008
at 2359 UT. You can submit your abstract on-line through the link in the
meeting main page at:

H27: 	Water Quality in Wetlands and Coastal Zones
Wetlands within the coastal zone act as buffers between upland,
terrestrial environments and coastal waters. Terrestrial land management
can affect the water quality entering these coastal wetlands as well as
the ability of these wetlands to further improve water quality. This
session will highlight recent research on the broad subject of water
quality in wetlands within the coastal zone. Examples of potential
topics include wetland restoration, marine impacts related to coastal
water quality, effect of extreme events (e.g., hurricanes) on coastal
wetlands, remote sensing techniques to monitor water quality changes in
wetlands and coastal zones, and theoretical and modeling studies of
water quality in wetlands or coastal environments.

James Jawitz, Soil and Water Science Department, University of Florida
John White, Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences, Louisiana
State University