The Data-Intensive Computing Environments (DICE) group at the San Diego
Supercomputer Center (SDSC) at UC San Diego has released version 1.0 of
iRODS, the Integrated Rule-Oriented Data System, a powerful new
open-source approach to managing digital data. iRODS builds on the ten
years of experience of the DICE Group in developing the widely-used
Storage Resource Broker (SRB).

The most powerful new feature, for which the Integrated Rule-Oriented
Data System is named, is an innovative "rule engine" that lets users
easily accomplish complex data management tasks. Users can automate
enforcement, or "virtualize" data management policies by applying rules
that control the execution of all data access and manipulation
operations. Rather than having to hard code these actions or workflows
into the software, the user-friendly rules let any group easily
customize the iRODS system for their specific data management needs.

For example, when astronomers take new photographs in a sky survey and
enter them into a data collection, the researchers can set up iRODS
rules to automatically extract descriptive information and record it in
the iRODS Metadata Catalog (iCAT), replicate a copy to another
repository for backup, create a thumbnail for a Web-based gallery, and
run an analysis program to identify related images.

An records manager can configure iRODS rules to identify and retain a
collection of digital records for five years, and then move them to
another site or destroy them. And if someone requests records from a
digital archives, the archivist can confirm that the current digital
copy is indeed an authentic copy of the original. iRODS rules are being
developed that will validate the trustworthiness of digital

For more information see:

Congratulations to Reagan Moore and all the members of the DICE Group!

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