I'm seeking the advice of the lists RIM professionals.  I'm
graduating with my MLIS in May.  During the course of my study, I had
the opportunity to take a Records Management class, which I enjoyed
immensely.  I had a very good and well respected instructor that gave us
real world assignments, and I did very well in the class.  I would like
to pursue a RIM career, but I am not really sure how to break into the
field.  I have an excellent grasp on the theories of Records and
Information Management but very little job-related experience.  


     I currently work as a Purchasing Agent for a large Public Library.
While I do maintain the records for this position, the position hasn't
necessarily afforded me the records experience necessary to meet the
requirements of most job postings I have reviewed.  I'm not in a
financial position to take a low wage records clerk job.    Does anyone
have any suggestions about how I might market myself to seek work in the
field, or any personal experience that might be helpful?   


Thanks in advance for your help.  





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