Plenty of space for biofuels in Europe, March 26, 2008

"The REFUEL project, a report commissioned by the EU's Intelligent
Energy Europe program to examine the biofuels potential in Europe,
concludes that EU biofuels targets can be met with conventional
feedstocks and current technology without major agricultural land use
changes or environmental consequences. The two-year REFUEL-project is
coordinated by the Energy Research Center of the Netherlands, and
implemented by a consortium of seven European institutes with different
disciplinary backgrounds.

Biofuels targets can be met, says the report, without compromising food
and feed supply. It also will not require conversion of forestland,
grassland and nature conservation areas into arable land. Because there
are new opportunities for increasing crop and livestock yields in some
new EU member states, there will be more agricultural land for biofuel
feedstock cultivation."

For further information, see the complete REFUEL report,
"Eyes on the track, Mind on the horizon. From inconvenient rapeseed to
clean wood: A European road map for biofuels", March 2008
available at:

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