UK: First biogas plant for Cornwall, March 5, 2008

"The first contract for an EnviTec biogas plant in the UK has been
signed by a farming company in Cornwall.

Subject to planning permission and finance, E H & B Dymond & Son will be
commissioning an 844 kW plant at Penare Farm, Higher Fraddon, near
Truro, where there is a 600-sow farrow-to-finish unit. It will cost in
the region of £2m (Ä2.6m).

The plant, to be managed by a new company, Fraddon Biopower Ltd, will
process all the slurry from the pig unit as well as accepting waste from
local food processing firms. In addition, the use of home-grown maize,
from the Dymondís 600-acre arable enterprise near Truro, is being
considered. Glycerol, the by-product of bio-diesel production, may also
be used.

An additional processing plant is also planned. This will separate
solids from the liquid residue to produce water and a concentrated
bio-fertiliser, reducing the need for transportation of waste."

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