The following is from AMSAT regarding our College nights on March 4 and 27.  AMSAT has a second repeater set up for our use on AO51 those two days. Make sure to spread the word to all colleges with satellite active radio clubs. The repeater for these events is: Uplink: 145.880 MHz FM, NO PL Tone, Downlink: 435.150 MHz FM


(The Entry line needed to append your SatPC32 doppler.sqf file is:  AO-51,435150,145880,FM,FM,Nor,0,0,Voice V/U)


From AMSAT: <<Last month we concentrated on L uplinks and S downlinks. This month we'd like to concentrate on U band downlinks. In response to recent discussions on amsat-bb, we are going to try two separate weeks of dual repeaters.

Unlike the QRP restrictions we have had in the past, this time the only special restrictions are that regular users yield for university stations that will be active on March 4th and 27th. Please limit contacts those dates to QSOs involving at least one university station. If the second repeater is not utilized, we may revert to digital operations.>>


Note that usage is important.  Make sure you get on AO-51 those two nights on this second repeater. Also make sure to e-mail or call as many ham radio clubs at other schools so that they will know about these special events and get on the air…


From 23:30 UTC to 04:00 UTC also get on as many of the birds and make as many contacts if you can, identifying your contacts as part of a college night effort.  Other bids include SO50, AO7, VO52, and GO32 should all have passes during that time.  Contact friends at other university clubs and get them to join in.


73, Dr. Jay Garlitz, AA4FL

Gator ARC Faculty Advisor at UF


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