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A postdoc opportuinity is available at the University of Sydney to 
work with Dr Liaquat Hossain.  Dr Hossain and his group are 
interested in exploring the effects of social networks on 
coodination. They are working on number of projects which deal with 
modeling dynamic coordination through social networks. Traditionally, 
within studies of multi organisational coordination, there has been a 
discounting or neglect of social networks as a source of exploring 
the inherent relationships among actors, their activities, shared 
goals and interdependencies. Coordinating operations requiring more 
'collaborative problem solving' involving officials and local 
communities are underscored in recent studies. Dr Liaquat's aim is to 
develop social networks based theoretical perspectives for the study 
of coordination structures in a dynamic environment. He applies 
theories and methods from network centrality to model the dynamic 
coordination structure and process. Specific projects in this are are 
as follows:
    * Dynamic Network Modeling of Emergency Response Coordination
    * Towards a Distributed Behavioral Model for Measuring Emergency 
Response Readiness
    * Developing Coordination Models for Measuring SW Testing Team Performance
    * Modeling Comunication and Coordination Process for Emergency 
Department of Hospitals
    * Effect of Social Ties on Interorganisational Coordination

For more information, please contact:

Liaquat Hossain, Ph.D.
Associate Dean-Postgraduate Coursework, Faculty of Engineering and IT
Director, School of IT Postgraduate Coursework
The University of Sydney
1 Cleveland Street
NSW 2006 Australia
Tel:  61 2 9036 9110 or 61-2-9351-4927
Mobile: 0400378687
Fax: 61-2-9351-3838
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