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In a recent posting to ILI-L by Kim Duckett, Librarian for Digital Technologies and Learning, at NC State University Library,  I was reminded about the Wikipedia: School and University Projects article in Wikipedia.

The article provides a listing with links of past, present, and planned projects using Wikipedia as the basis/foundation of numerous  (writing) assignments.

I have linked to these respective listings and provide details on various **Suggested Exercises** at 

[ ]

The Graphic This Time Is A Classic Internet Cartoon ... [Arf ...]

As Previously Noted, I Would Be Most Grateful To Learn Of ANY/ALL Other ***Uses of Wikis for Innovative Composition/ Writing*** As Described  in The Associated PPT Noted in My Earlier Blog Posting 

[ ]

>>I am Particularly Interested In Innovative **SCHOLARLY** Composition/Writing in The Sci/Tech Fields<<

Thanks for Your Assistance!


Gerry McKiernan
Associate Professor
Science and Technology Librarian
Iowa State University Library
Ames IA 50011

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There is Nothing More Powerful Than  An Idea Whose Time Has Come
Victor Hugo
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Iowa: Where the Tall Corn Flows and the (North)West Wind Blows 
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