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In a report of a presentation on "Using Wikipedia to Reenvision the
Term Paper" by  Andreas Brockhau and Martha Groom of University of
Washington Bothell, mention is made of many benefits that arise as a
result of writing for/in Wikipedia.

Among these are the following:

Groom*s first attempt at incorporating Wikipedia into a class came in
the fall of 2006, when she required her students to make a major
revision  required her students to make a major revision to an existing
article or to create one of their own, with a minimum of 1,500 words,
for 60 percent of the grade. The assignment, for her course on
environmental history and globalization, encompassed an initial
proposal, a first draft, revisions and [internal] peer review ...

*The shift to thinking about placing the term paper as a Wikipedia
encyclopedia entry allows for another level of peer review,* Groom
said. Such entries have references and citations; allow for a process of
repeated, continual editing; and encourage collaborations between

They also reach a much wider audience, through the Wikipedia site and
search engines. *How do you motivate students to do their best
work?* she asked - implying that the answer lies in the possibility
of others viewing it. The public nature of Wikipedia content also means
that, in theory, students would be less likely to reuse others*
material as their own.

There was another positive effect on her students* work, Groom said:
their assignments were generally better written.

*[The Wikipedia guidelines] very clearly state that ... the onus is
on you, not on them, so you*ll be the one who catches anything if you
[post] any copyrighted material,* said Andreas Brockhaus, the manager
of learning technologies at the university.


Question Of The Day: To What Degree and By What Means Can Wiki-Based
Writing Mitigate/Reduce PLAGIARISM in the Writing of
Students/Researchers Scholars?

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>>I'm Particularly Interested in Non-Wikipedia Wiki-Writing

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>>I'm Particularly Interested in **Non-Wikipedia** Wiki-Writing

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