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An Interesting Saturday Morning Discovery 


Pronetos  is a home to communities and scholars of every academic discipline: a global think-tank of the leaders in your field.

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Pronetos is a social network for scholars and an Open Access publisher. It provides an intuitively designed, real-time, web based community platform that facilitates mass collaboration and democratizes content for global distribution among academics with the ability to archive and search that content. With Pronetos, ideas are shared at the speed of thought, and those who create them control them. 

Pronetos is home to communities of every academic discipline - a global think-tank of the leaders in every field. Pronetos makes it easy for scholars to stay connected with thier colleagues, wherever they may be. Pronetos is a place for scholars to network, and build and share ideas with the greatest minds in their field

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Happy Spring!


Gerry McKiernan
Associate Professor
Science and Technology Librarian
Iowa State University Library
Ames IA 50011

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There is Nothing More Powerful Than  An Idea Whose Time Has Come
Victor Hugo
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Iowa: Where the Tall Corn Flows and the (North)West Wind Blows 
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