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On March 5 2008 I had the privilege to present at the SCELC Colloquium III held at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California.

SCLEC- The Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium - seeks to explore issues related to electronic and digital information and to promote the creation, access, use, management and maintenance of this information for the benefit of faculty and students in the member institutions.

This year its Colloquium featured sessions on open source federated search and catalog solutions, social networking and libraries, and the future of cataloging.

I was honored to be on the same program with Karen Coyle (Digital Library Consultant), Marsha Schnirring (Occidental College), Tracy Thompson (NELLCOP), Cindi Trainor (Eastern Kentucky University), and Jezmynne Westcott (Claremont College).

Access to a  self-archived a corrected and revised version of my presentation "SCELC-Net: A Model Online Social Consortial Network" at 

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As they become available, I will profile and link to the presentations of my fellow SCELC Colloquium III colleagues.

BTW: In my presentation I profile the planned My ALA online community shepherded by Jenny Levine, The Shifted Librarian.


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