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The special issue of the Asian Journal of Social Psychology on Social
Network Processes has now been published and copies of articles can be
obtained from the journal's website.  There is much of interest here for
researchers interested in social psychology and social networks. For
social network analysts, don't miss Carter Butts's extended review of
the methodology.

Table of contents:
Robins & Kashima. Psychology and social networks: Individuals and Social
Butts. Social Network Analysis: A Methodological Introduction.
Miyata and Kobayashi. Causal relationship between Internet use and
social capital in Japan.
Kalish. Bridging in social networks: who are the people in structural
holes and why are 
they there?
Souma et al. How do shy people expand their social networks? Using
social surrogates as a 
strategy to expand one's network.
Copeland et al. Social identity, status characteristics and social
networks: Predictors of advice 
seeking in a manufacturing facility.
Igarashi et al. Culture, Trust, and Social Networks.

Garry Robins

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