Hello Fellow LRNASSTers,

I apologize for the length of my post for such a simple request, but have 
found from previous posts that more information is probably better.

Here at SUNY Plattsburgh our writing tutors are required to take ENG390 
Training for Writing Tutors, a course I as the Assistant Director and 
Writing Specialist teach, before they become active writing tutors in our 
Learning Center.  In the upcoming fall semester, I will be teaching it for 
the third semester in a row.

My first semester teaching the course, Fall 07, was also my first semester 
on campus, so recruitment and enrollment had essentially been decided before 
I arrived.  I am only supposed to teach the class in the fall semester, but 
as our demand for writing tutoring is high and the number of writing tutors 
who will leave us this semester is also high (higher than the number of 
students who decided to become tutors after taking the class in the fall), 
we decided, last minute to run the course again with positive results so 

In Fall 08, I will finally be able to recruit enrollment for the course. 
And I find I am getting cold feet.  The person who previously taught the 
course was also the composition coordinator and had a strong working 
relationship with the adjuncts and faculty who taught ENG101, the course we 
target to find new writing tutors.  Every draft of the email/memo I plan to 
send out just is not up to snuff.

I would appreciate copies of any letters/email/memos/flyers you send out to 
faculty to encourage them to encourage their students to participate in 
tutor training. Of course, ideas would also be welcome.


Nichole Bennett-Bealer

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