Be sure to factor in the cost per square foot to rent the space too. In 
other words, what will it cost, soup to nuts, to store records onsite. 
Using annual dollar amounts makes a bigger impression than monthly. A few 
years ago, I did a space calculation for a midtown firm that had an 
abundance of lateral cabinets along almost every wall. (I believe laterals 
use their space better than the pull-out drawers. And 4 drawers are more 
cost effective than 3 drawers.) It was something like 25% of floor space, 
with an annual cost of $2.5 million. That's a load of dough to store 
paper, especially when half or more of the cabinets were not being used 
effectively. I calculated the footprint (including the space needed to 
open the drawers) of a cabinet then multiply out by the number of 
cabinets. If it's not out of line, consider including a comparison with 
high-density mobile shelving, too. 

Stephen Cohen
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Statistics - 3 or 4 drawer file cabinets vs. lateral filing

Does anyone have or know where I can locate the comparison statistics?
I need to prepare a presentation for a centralized file room in one of
our locations.  It may be easier to sell if I can show how much the
space is being under-utilized.  I appreciate any assistance, thanks,

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