On Monday, March 10, 2008, at 12:35 PM, Peter Kurilecz wrote:

> Besides even if they did store with the Seed Bank how could they harm 
> the
> other seeds since they are in all likelihood segregated into separate
> storage containers.


I'm not worried about GMO seeds harming the other seeds. My concern is 
that the GMF seeds could be brought in to the future and all of the 
horrible independent lab and field results they currently have will 
(magically) disappear.

You don't really get contamination until these GMF plants cross 
pollinate with natural food plants in the field.  At which point there 
is no turning back. Speaking of cross pollination, there is some very 
good evidence that GMFs may be responsible for the huge reduction in 
Bee colonies that we hear so much about via California GMF almonds.

Yes, I'm an anti GMF and GMO geek.


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