Hi all:

Late morning today I had a first of the season (and first time
in spring for the yard) adult male Prairie Warbler. I couldn't
find him again. I also heard a very loud Hodded Warbler in 
the ravine.

Other first of season migrants recently include:
3/6  N. Parula warbler (heard)
3/7  Rubythroated hummingbird (male, who's patrolling all
   the feeders and flowers)
3/10  Yellow-throated warbler, bathing
3/14  Mississippi Kite (NOT--just a blue jay)
3/17  Yellow-throated vireo (heard)

A few Baltimore Orioles are still here, plus the female
Bullock's Oriole, looking quite nice. The male Western Tanager
is getting red around the face.  The male Rufous hummingbird
was still here a couple of days ago, though all of these birds
are getting "iffy" about being seen.  I look forward to having
them return next winter,  and now I look forward to more 
spring migrants and summer breeders.

Fran Rutkovsky
Tallahassee, FL
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