HI all:

To clarify what I wrote yesterday, I did NOT
see an early Missisippi Kite.  The Blue Jays
start imitating them in Feb. and crank up more
in March.   I'll hear the "Miss. Kite" call from nearby until
they actually arrive, usually in April.  Then I'll hear the call
from way up high and see them soaring over the house.

>3/14 Mississippi Kite (NOT--just a blue jay)

Visitors to my yard in winter are puzzled when they
hear Miss. Kite and Broadwinged hawk.  Nope,
just my talented Jays.   The Mockingbirds also
"anticipate spring" with calls of birds that have not
yet arrived but are expected soon.  How fascinating
is that?

Fran Rutkovsky
Tallahassee, FL
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