I'm not referring to the non-avian ones here. . . . They won't start  
leaving until after Easter this weekend. Today, I stopped at the  
North Naples Wastewater Treatment Plant aka Sewage Plant on Goodlette- 
Frank Rd., south of Immokalee Rd. for a brief 15 minute scan of the  
two cells with water in them. There were several Lesser Scaup and a  
few Blue-winged Teal still present but most of the winter ducks had  
already departed. There were some "usual" shorebirds on the exposed  
sandbar just over the grassy cell that hasn't had water in it for  
several years now. Included were both Lesser & Greater Yellowlegs,  
Dunlin, Killdeer and Least Sandpipers. On the black tarp surrounding  
the perimeter of this same cell was one lone Spotted Sandpiper.  
Waders included Glossy Ibis, Snowy & Great Egret, and a lone Great  
Blue Heron. An American Kestrel stood guard on a metal pole over the  
grassy cell and a Loggerhead Shrike was on the chain-linked fence.  
Nothing earth-shattering but still nice to see.



Vincent Lucas
Naples, FL
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