The great Horned Owl at the foot of the bridge on N
Beach Street near the entrance to Tomoka State Park
showed off her young this AM.  As I only saw the one,
I do not know if there are more.  It wiggled up from
under its mother's belly and looked out at us and its
surroundings.  Cute little fuzzy thing.  The Bald
Eagles in the park are nesting but the youngs' status
in size is not known as of yet.  

Have seen 4 Purple Martins fly over the park the last
2 days, all males.

Heard a Whip-poor Will in the camp ground as I picked
up a friend to go birding at 7 AM today.  My friend is
from up north, PA, and confirmed the call to be a
Whip-poor-Will, not a Chuck-will's-Widow.

And, I recaptured a HErmit Thrush at my banding
station that I had banded 2 years ago.  This past fall
I did not band or even see a single Hermit Thrush,
just Gray-cheeks and Swainson's Thrushes.  And, this
recap is my own FOS Hermit Thrush.

While birding the south side of TSP we had a Cooper's
Hawk, Merlin, 2 Bald Eagles, a harrier, plenty of
Ospreys and a pair of Sharp-shinned Hawks pass over
the bridge.  Had one singing Prairie Warbler, lots of
Blue-gray Gnatcatchers, Northern Parulas, a Black and
White Warbler, several singing Yellow-throated
Warblers, several Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers and
various and sundry other common birds around including
a number of singing Pine Warblers.  We also found one
lone American Robin sitting over our heads. Some very
nice birding after the wonderful 2 hour rain here in

Driving up and down N Beach Street over the last 4
days I have been seeing a small flock of about 50
Lesser Scaups just off the shoreline of the river
about 2 blocks north of Granada.

And, the Baltimore Oriole HAS taken his leave finally
but one Ruby-throated Hummingbird remains as well as
the catbird.  Many American Goldfinches are quickly
turning more and more yellow daily.  One is totally in
breeding plumage now.

And, yes.  I have seen the panther in the park.  But,
finally there are tracks to confirm its existance!!!!

Meret Wilson
Ormond Beach

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