This evening I received an email from a visiting birder from Washington, who 
believes she saw a Golden-cheeked Warbler at Six-Mile Cypress Slough Preserve 
in Ft. Myers.   I just spoke with her on the phone, and asked for her 
permission to post this on FloridaBirds.   She asked me to delete her name and contact 
info (she's concerned about potential embarrassement should she be wrong).    
Here's her email :

"Today (3/15/08, about 5pm) at 6-mile Cypress Slough Preserve I think I saw
a golden-cheeked warbler.  I am not familiar with the GCWA or the
black-throated-green warbler because I am from WA state.  I only got a 3
second look at the bird and saw:  a bright yellow face with a black crown,
chin, and throat (extending somewhat down the flanks) and a thin black
line running from beak through eye to meet the rest of the black on the
back of the head.  Then it turned around, hopped down to a lower branch
and flew away from me.  I did not get a look at the undertail coverts and
can't for sure remember the color of the back, but I believe it was black.

It was between Otter Pond and the exit of the trail, but we kept
encountering this wandering flock of mixed warbler spp all along the
trail.  I saw a black-throated warbler of some sort near the Wood Duck
Pond but was unable to resight it due to an abundance of YRWA, northern
parula, and black & white warblers.  Like I said though, it was hanging
out with the big mixed warbler flock and could be anywhere.

I was with my 2 other friends from WA/OR but they were ahead of me on the
trail and could not get back in time before it took off.  I know this is
not a good or reliable sighting, but if anyone wants to follow up, I would
love to know if I was right."

Should anyone want to investigate this sighting, here are directions to 
Six-Mile Cypress Slough Preserve:   From I-75 northbound, exit at Daniels Parkway 
(Exit 131). Drive west 2.5 miles to Six Mile Cypress Parkway.   Turn right and 
drive north 1.8 miles to Penzance Boulevard.   Turn right into the preserve 
parking area.   From I-75 southbound, exit at Colonial Boulevard (Exit 136).   
Drive west 0.5 miles to Six Mile Cypress Parkway.   Turn left and drive south 
3.0 miles to Penzance Boulevard.   Turn left into the preserve parking area.

Brian Rapoza
Field Trip Coordinator
Tropical Audubon Society
Miami, FL

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