Dear colleagues:

Does anyone have full-time instructional aides or tutors on their staff? 
We have had 50% time 10 month Tutorial Services Assistant positions that 
have provided high quality tutoring and consistency; however, people who 
assume these positions have needed to balance the half-time job with a 
second job or are also going to school which invariably caused their 
schedules to change quite a bit. They also typically stay on the job for a 
year necessitating us to keep recruiting, selecting, and training new 
staff. Over the past four years, we have seen small pools of applicants 
for the 50% time jobs. We have an opportunity to combine two 50% vacancies 
into one 100% time position to anchor our math/science tutoring program. 
I'm curious whether other learning centers have had 100% time tutoring 
staff, and if so, what their experiences have been. Please respond to me 
off-list unless others are also interested in the response.

Thank you.

Meghan Chen
Director, Learning Assistance Center
Project Director, USDE Title V Grant
Adjunct Faculty, English, Literature & Journalism
Mt. San Antonio College
1100 N. Grand Avenue
Walnut, CA  91789
(909) 594-5611, ext. 5669
FAX (909) 468-4035
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