Hi everyone,

Like most everyone, we are in the process of planning our budget for the
2008-2009 academic year.  As we review our usage patterns and hours of
available tutoring, I was wondering if folks would be willing to share
the following information:

(1) What is the size of your institution's student population?
(2) How many hours of (a) writing tutoring and (b) subject area tutoring
does your Center offer per week during the semester?

My center is trying to gather information about best practices for
offering tutoring hours in writing, math, and science.  We want to make
tutoring services accessible to students.  Sometimes, we offer more
hours per week than might actually be utilized by students.  As a
result, we are wondering if there is a common experience among learning
centers in terms of hours offered per week and hours actually used by

Thank you,

Lisa Cahill, Assistant Director
Student Success Center
University Academic Success Programs
Arizona State University, Polytechnic Campus
Mesa, AZ

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