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From a practical point of view, both dogs and babies
create attachments which are clearly parts of social

I'm surprised that no one else has noted that the
dog-networks have a lot more weak ties, the people
who you know because you walk dogs at the same
time, but only know in the dog-world.  Networks
that include babies are more notable for their
strong ties, to the point where you don't get to know
anyone else but the newborn for the span of several

A proper analysis would also differentiate cat-people,
who don't generally socialize outdoors with their pets,
from dog-people who have lots more outdoor networking
opportunities.  And then you'd have to point at web
based services like Dogster and Catster, and do a
comparative analysis vs. La Leche League.

I'm sure there's a master's degree in here somewhere for someone.


father of "Luigi", 7, and "Mario", 3, both boys;
and "Naomi", 13 or 14, a cat; and neighbor to
a bunch of dogs and their people, generally the
dog-people are more visible neighbors than the
cat-people all else being equal.

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