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2nd edition (1953) includes also a chapter "Preludes of the
sociometric movement" with an extensive discussion about the origin of
sociometry - your friend might find something from there as well. It's
also available online:

Helen Jennings was mentioned before of perhaps being uncredited for
her work with Moreno's book, but she actually published an interesting
paper herself as well in 1937 about the structure of

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Innar Liiv
Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

2008/4/15, Jürgen Pfeffer <[log in to unmask]>:
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> In the book cover of "Who Shall Survive" you can find a copy of a fragment
>  from the original draft of Moreno's letter (written in German) to the
>  department of the interior of the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy urging the
>  application of sociometry to the community of displaced persons. He refers
>  to the importance of ties within and between different groups. This letter
>  is dated Feb. 6th, 1916!
>  best
>  Juergen Pfeffer

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