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> A social category (sex, race) is not reducible to social networks.
> Therefore, social networks do not constitute the entirety of social
> organization. This is exactly my critique of Blyden Potts' definitional
> thesis.

  It depends on the definition of social network - in most of
  social network analysis software (Pajek, Ucinet, NetMiner, ...)
  properties of vertices (sex, race) are considered as a part of
  the network description. The network can also be weighted,
  multirelational, temporal, defined on several sets, ...
  The notion could be extended also to consider k-nary relations,
  k > 2. There are some examples for k=3 (Lazega's leverage relation).

Vladimir Batagelj, University of Ljubljana, FMF, Department of Mathematics
  Jadranska 19, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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