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A Most Pleasant Wednesday PM Discovery [Thanks Jacob S.]

Muse: The National Internet2 K20 Initiative Online Social Network

ANN ARBOR, Mich. - April 15, 2008
The Internet2 K20 Initiative today announced that it has launched a brand new social networking site called Muse  which seeks to significantly enhance collaboration, information-sharing and technology opportunities for the over 50,000 K-12 schools, community colleges, libraries and museums in 38 U.S.states that are now connected to the Internet2 backbone network. The site is also expected to provide a better bridge between the U.S. K20 community and its international counterparts worldwide. Within the short time since launching, the new site has already experienced significant uptake within the community.


While the site continues to rapidly expand in use, Muse plans to introduce the ability for users to create topically-based communities, chat in real time about projects and interests, receive email "Museletters" tailored to those specific interests and provide RSS feeds to broadcast information on new users, projects and organizations as the site grows. In doing so, the site intends to provide the community the ability to develop stronger, more comprehensive collaboration groups and to promote the more rapid adoption of advanced networking applications among this unique set of Internet2 users. 

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