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Question 1 of 2)
I have been trying to run Siena but have encountered a 
More than 3 waves causes in the program freezing/failing 
to respond etc.
And no, this is not just that the program needs more time 
to process the data - it is an actual freeze that requires 
a restart of the program.

I have tried:
  using the supplied data.

using no attributes (actor waves only).

removing all model options (density etc) so that the 
program has few functions to perform.

using a different PC.

uninstalling the program and reinstalling a new download.

The data I wish to analyse: 12 groups, mean 6 actors
in each group and mean 6 waves for each group, 10 
My exploration: if a group achieve a structure by wave X 
(density,centralisation, etc)
and they have attributes >=Y (motivation, social 
familiarity, etc)
then their performance (group and individual) is more 
likely to be >=Z

I lack the necessary knowledge in IT, mathematics and SNA 
to understand the problem.
Is it simply that STOcNET can only run 3 waves at any one 
If there is not 'fix' is is possible to run multiples of 3 
with overlaps? i.e. waves 123, then 345, then 567?

Question 2 of 2)
  I would appreciate thoughts on which 'structures' to 
examine. I have found a few papers that touch upon similar 
topics but if anyone has any ideas that they think would 
be worth trying out but haven't had the time to try, then 
I would be more than happy to accomodate.

Thank you for your thoughts
Ms Shan Cook

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